Dr. Catherine Maloof giving pencils and stickers to the children at a school in Peru

Maureen Maloof and Dr. Catherine Maloof have worked together for over 25 years with Maloof Chiropractic in Mission Viejo, and their mission has been to “Heal the Planet”. Now, they are going worldwide to help children get an education.
Maureen founded “Uniforms for Hope” a charity whose vision is to empower children worldwide and provide them with uniforms so they will be able to attend school. This problem is huge because uniforms are mandatory in schools overseas and there are over 200 million children not attending school simply because they can’t afford a uniform. Imagine your best friend stands outside of school while you attend school simply because they can’t afford a uniform
Maureen’s idea was created when she began traveling to over 40 countries and she visited orphanages and schools around the world. Some of the countries she visited were Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Fiji, China and Tibet . These children tugged on her heart and she wanted to do something to make a difference. Maureen invited her sister to travel with her to Peru and Fiji where they had an amazing time with the children. The kids were so excited to learn and show us their schoolwork. The children were proud of their work and so happy to be in school. We brought stickers and they were such a big hit!! They appreciated even the smallest things, like when we brought them bread and bananas for a snack.
Maureen always came back wanting to help these kids and now they are doing something about it. The idea came from realizing that there was such poverty in these countries that children would stay home just to help the family get water or work to provide food for the family. Maureen got busy with work and figured someone else would do it. She figured how much can one person do? It would be hard and too much work. So she put it on the back burner. Uniforms and the children always stayed in her mind. At one point she did try to start the project up but nothing worked out and all the doors kind of closed for her. Then she reignited her passion for the idea and decided she needed to start the organization to make a difference in the lives for the next generation. Her sister Catherine teamed up with her to launch this foundation and they created an amazing Board of directors and T.E.A.M. because Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

Maureen Maloof visiting a student in her classroom in Peru

Ways to Get involved with Uniforms for Hope
Book a speaker at your school or organization.
Get your school, youth group or organization involved. We would love to come and speak to you and your group. Presentations will be about other countries and the students overseas that we can help with uniforms. Students here can fundraise for students overseas and provide them with funds to purchase uniforms.
Students participate and volunteer to get their service hours.
There are opportunities to volunteer in an area that you are passionate about. Contact us directly and we can set up a program for you.
Start a Uniforms for Hope club at your school.
Any ideas or suggestions you may personally have, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.
No Uniform
No Hope
No Education
No Future
Bright Future
Education is the only way out of poverty.
We are working with 4 different countries where we have direct contact with the organization with the schools so over 95% of donations goes directly to buying uniforms for the children. The four countries are Uganda, Kenya, Congo, and Philippines.
No child should ever have to miss getting an education.
Imagine a world where every child has the same opportunity to learn and grow.
We know how to solve this problem.
“Uniforms for Hope” creates a solution to bring education, hope, and a bright future.
Your contribution can impact and make a difference in a child’s future and totally transform their life.
We believe in a world where every child deserves a chance for an education.
We will not stop until this happens.
Won’t you join us?
Let’s change the world one uniform at a time
If you or your school would like to get involved, please contact Maureen Maloof at Maureen@uniformsforhope.org or call (949) 234-7165. For more information, or to donate, please visit our website at www.uniformsforhope.org. We gladly welcome corporate sponsors.

Community Local Mission Viejo Women Team Up to Help Children Worldwide